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Q. Why are shirts different shapes and cuts?

A. It’s all about fashion and fabrics. Our garments are adapted to reflect retail trends from a practical viewpoint. The cut and shape of all our shirts are analysed closely. We take into account current fashion, the natural give and stretch of the fabric and very importantly the age demographics of the most likely users of each garment.

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Q. I'm normally a size 10 - Why do I need a size 12 in this style?

A. For ladies in particular sizing is a worldwide issue. There is no standardizes sizing for ladies garments at retail. Brand to brand is totally different as each company applies there own logic to create the perfect garment. It is common to be out shopping and buy a size 10 of one style and then have to buy another style one or even two sizes up or down.

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Q. Why aren't there many pure cotton shirts to choose from?

A. Pure cotton garments con not perform with the same levels of durability that other fabrics can, particularly poly-cotton and polyester. From a uniforming perspective pure cotton is subject to fast colour fading as quickly as a couple of weeks when worn and washed continuously. If the utmost care is not undertaken when washing occurs, then shrinkage can also be an issue. Our brief is to provide a fashion wear and that will also be extremely comfortable.

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Q. I've had this shirt only 6 months, why is it fading?

A. Lets compare: expectation vs. reality. If you are wearing a shirt to work twice a week after 6 months you have worn and washed the garment at least 50 times!!! The reality is that any garment will not be the same after that ordeal. Our recommendation is that any person wearing a uniform must have one garment for each day of the week. Simply write on each five garments on the tag inside the garment near the bottom hem the day of the week it is to be worn. This way after 6 months each garment will only have been work and washed 25 times and will still have some life left. By the way, if you are in the sun a lot all fabrics will fade quicker than if you are working indoors.

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Q. What is the difference between showerproof and waterproof?

A. Any jacket deemed shower proof means the fabrics will repel water that approximates a drizzle for a reasonably short period of time. The big difference with water proof is that all the seams of the garment are sealed ( seam sealed) which eliminates the main access points to the body. As we all know, at retail there are many hi-tech water proof jackets available for many hundreds of dollars. We are very proud of our new HZ117 Techno Jacket released in this catalogue. Definitely water proof, we have even installed a hi-tech fully water proof front zipper and yet the jacket is only a fraction of the price you would expect to pay at retail.

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Q. Why does stock run out?

A. Out of stock situations can be frustrating for all concerned. You want your order now and obviously we want to make you happy. Even though all product shown in catalogues is available ex-stock, because of the volatility of orders received, out of stock situations can and will occur. It is common for us to receive large orders on a daily basis. These orders can be over 1,000 pcs + of an individual garment. When you consider this, our production time from placement of order to delivery is 12 – 14 weeks. You can understand that our projections and are occasionally not 100% accurate.

One concept we must dispel is that overseas factory’s are like giant supermarkets with thousands of our products just sitting there waiting ready to be picked and shipped. Not so. The reality is that all our orders once placed are started from scratched. Production space is booked, fabrics are made and goods are manufactured, it does take time. In short – when demand exceeds supply.

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Q. Why are many of the ladies' styles slightly different to the complimentary mens version?

A. Its not that long ago that from a corporate or uniforming perspective ladies were often forced into wearing a men’s garment as there simply were very few alternatives available. The team behind Beetle Branding were at the forefront of industry resolution in development of ladies wearables. Today, ordinarily our entire apparel range has a complimentary men’s and ladies version and if not has genuine unisex options. A major key to our success has been to develop real ladies apparel, not just a scaled down version of the men’s. Details do make the difference. Our design team tinkers until each style is just right. A princess seam here, bust darts there, etc etc. Any lady that looks at our range will understand the subtle styling differences that make our product such a joy to wear.

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Q. How can I successfully outfit all of our staff from a sizing perspective?

A. You’ve chosen the product you want and its time to place the order. You have 50 staff that need 5 shirts each and half are in another office interstate. How can you pull this off? The first step is give yourself time, do not wait until the last minute before placing the order. Now your have two options:
1. Send an e-mail to all your staff requesting their size and their bust or chest and waist measurements.

2. Ask for sizing samples and get as many as your staff as possible to try on the garment for size confirmation. This will give you the greatest chance of success.

Once again please remember the time factor. You want your logo printed or embroidered and this can’t happen until your sizes are advised.

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Q. What are the best fabrics?

A. This really depends on the garments purpose and the market they are intended. For the daily wash and wear of most business today, all our garments are made in materials to cope with general wear and tear. Whether it be 100% cotton, blends or straight “dryfit polyester” or sales and customer service team will be happy to advise you on an individual needs basis.

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Q. How long will I have to wait for an order?

A. For all apparel, we work on a guaranteed time frame of 21 days. In committing to this, both parties can feel sure that your order will be processed and delivered as promised. Most commonly, and in rush circumstances, we can supply considerably faster than that.

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Q. Can we create a new corporate or club design?

A. Absolutely – Beetle Branding has established a dedicated artwork team to work with you to create your own image and brand. Feel free to discuss this with either your sales representative or any of the staff.

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Q. What decoration process is better for garments? Embroidery, sublimation or screen printing.

The answer to this is a difficult one. In our experience it comes back to 4 main questions.

1. What product have you chosen?
2. What is you design?
3. How many do you require?
4. What is the intended us of the garment?


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